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It goes without saying, bright and beautiful imagery is important to successful real estate marketing.  But pretty pictures and a colorful description aren’t enough.  Every successful agent has great pictures.  So how do you set yourself apart from the competition?  How do you prove to your owners that you’re serious about marketing their property?  How do you engage your potential buyers with a unique visual experience?

A great video can showcase a property in a way photos and virtual tours cannot.  It’s the next best thing to an actual showing.  So why don’t more agents use video?  It usually comes down to price — high quality work isn’t worth the cost, cheap services produce amateur quality.  At New Leaf, we’ve spent months working with leading agents to find the perfect balance between cost and quality, with a fast turnaround and customizable options to fit your brand image.



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With every video shoot, you have the option of adding still photography (we’re there already).  Typically, our crew is in-and-out in less than an hour, with a final product delivered within 48 hours.  You have a choice of voiceover and music style to fit your taste.  All our videos meet the requirements of the MLS and are delivered ready for upload.  We have optional graphics packages for agents who want to share their videos on their own websites or through social media.  Video tours can be short and sweet, or epic and cinematic.  Whatever direction you choose, no one will do a better job, faster, for less.

*Custom video tours are available for luxury properties, developer services, and large commercial properties.

*Drone video available by request.

*Ask about bulk pricing and other promotions