True story – when speaking to a prospective client about updating their web presence we were told: “I’m good. I already have a website, my nephew made it for me back when we opened up…oh when was it…in 1999.” Pins could be heard dropping from a mile away. The internet is constantly evolving. You must evolve with it or risk becoming a relic of the past.

It’s not enough to just have a good looking website. A website needs to be responsive so mobile and tablet users can enjoy the same experience as desktop visitors. This isn’t just being polite to those who browse on the go, it’s the way Google wants it. Mobile search results, which are growing every day around the world, rely on it. Websites that don’t work on mobile are often penalized within mobile search results.
According to comScore’s
Trends Shaping Local Search in 2014

  • 79% of smartphone users search locally
  • 81% of tablet users search locally
  • size of business is irrelevant – users expect to find a business when they search for it

Your website is just the beginning. Social media has exploded and does not appear to be slowing down. For some internet users, social media IS the internet. These users look to their networks like others look to traditional search engines – for information.

50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of those searches result in a purchase. – Search Engine Watch

It’s not enough to have a website and assume your message will reach everyone. Put simply, be everywhere. Of course some social media channels are not ideal for certain businesses (we’d never suggest a doctor join a social platform focused on carpentry), but there is no shortage of outlets to be involved in: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, Amazon, Thumbtack, LinkedIn, Ebay, Etsy, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, plus an endless list of startups looking to replace them all. Dizzy yet?

These problems are common among individuals and businesses that have been spending time working hard and growing, and not realizing the slow erosion happening behind the scenes. The good news is: New Leaf can fix these issues fast and cost-effectively. We’ll start with your website, then move to the appropriate social networks. Together with our video capabilities and content strategies, we’ll keep you on the right track as we move into whatever the next generation of the web brings.

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